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We are on the move together

Faith In You Ministries now has what it needs to move forward our State non-profit status and our Federal 501C non-profit. We are looking for acreage to build the Ministry on. The dream is to build our Church, Patronage, a Bible Camp with cabins campsites and outbuildings that will be used for events and to enjoy while your child attends camp. Join one of the Ministries Women’s, Outreach, Senior or youth be a part of something bigger where you can contribute to the group and the Faith In You Ministry.

We plan to hold bible study at services and during camp where we will then spend the rest of the day doing crafts using the amenities and attending planned activities. We will hold get-togethers/dinners and events of all kinds for all to enjoy.

The land we are looking for needs to have a large pond or on a lazy river. The plan is to have animals on the property for the children and members to enjoy.

If you know of any property that would suit our needs or a grant writer that would aid in obtaining funding for the dream which is the Ministry, please reach out.

Our purpose is to serve the Lord, the existing and all the new members.

Sending so very much Love, Prayers and Blessings to all.

All are Welcome. Minister Henry


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